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Good little pics

Thanks for the pics. Its really wonderful to see these pics. I always wanted to visit Nepal and view the temples. Your pics with the description made me to virtually go there! Many Thanks for posting. Appreciate it.

Re: Good little pics

please visit my website for much more pics of Nepal!


Ancient architecture is the best; I'd like to see how our contemporary buildings (built on small terms under the construction equipment rental company pressure) will look several hundreds years in the future. It will be a miracle if they will survive the first earthquake over 8.0 on the Richter scale.

i want to correct your mistake

your website is really good about sankhu. As i am a person from sankhu really happy to see your findings. but i want to correct one of your mistake which should correct as soon as possible.
As bajrayogini temple is a holy place which is for Buddhist as well as Hindus. There is not such place in Bajrayogini where people sacrifies any animals. You can't take pictures in main temple only. Its not because of smell of any blood. Among lots of reasons security is the main reason and second reason is the beleive that if you take pictures then the power will run out of goddess.


anup shrestha

Re: i want to correct your mistake

I respect your opinion but I also have to take into consideration the things we saw with our own eyes and smelled with our own noses.

Very good shots, I like them very much. You day: Stone buddhas in front of the Tempel. Thea are not Buddhas, they are: left: Singharaja and right: Singharani. Lion and his wife :)

that's quite an interesting info! thanks for sharing.

Lovely way to narrate your adventure through pictures. This has been the best source of information I have found so far about Sankhu - probably biased for me to say, as I tend to trust another traveler's tales more than any other around the internet. =)
Ah, by the way, I was told that the mirrors in front of temples are supposed to help one check if there are any bad spirits following you before entering the temple. Some evil spirits are invisible to the eyes but somehow appear on mirrors. By placing mirrors at the entrance of temples devotees are helping each other and, therefore, accumulating good karma. So yes, it is safe to look into them, they are there to protect you. =)

Thanks for sharing!

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